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Dating on Friendster?

Lately, my friends have been getting a little more active on Friendster. People are meeting people, getting dates, and carefully selecting youthful photos to show that we are still kids and not afraid of being seen in underroos.

I’ve been moderately active on Friendster since joining after my brother joined months ago. I think I have gotten my profile finely tuned to seem almost cool and (thanks to Jake) I have a decent photo up now. It was just me in a field of rapeseed from last year in Tokyo. (Otherwise known as fat leah in a field of rape.)

Now that my photo is cute and my profile is okay and my books and music selection has been carefully weeded, it is time to start writing the 15 guys I’ve bookmarked. What I learned by bookmarking boys in Friendster is that I definitely have a type. They are dark haired, dark eyes, and dark souled. No, I can’t tell how dark their souls are, but they all have a certain bad-boy rock and roll quality. I’m certain they are all emotionally unavailable, I can tell from their photos.

So–either it is Speed Dating or Friendster, but it is time to start taking this dating thing seriously. As seriously as I take my ice cream scooping technique. Pretty seriously.

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