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Day One of Operation Temp to Perm

Today I did (drumroll please) nothing. I did, however, look good while I did nothing. I am working in Public Relations (not chemistry) in a big ass building (think possible terrorist target) as a temporary Administrative Assistant (what does one do?) and wearing business casual clothes.

At least I got the business casual down pat. In fact, I was a bit less casual than the other women–but that is ok. I want to feel good when I get on the train in the morning and sit around the fountain at lunch. I don’t need to look like “office to symphony” Barbie. For the record, today I wore my new brown pants, crisp white shirt, and the Aldo pumps.

I got there a tiny bit late, as it was a farther walk from the El than I expected. I also couldn’t find the damn door to the massive building. Why the false entrances Mr. (Or Ms.) Architect? Maybe once upon a time the doors opened, but post september 11, they had to start funneling everyone through one revolving door. All 100 or so floors of us. It is bizarre to be on an elevator and watch EVERYONE swallowing air and trying to get their ears to pop.

My cubicle has an amazing view of the city–if I look through the frosted glass doors of the Upper Vice Presidents I sit near. People are nice and something I’ve learned is that Administrative Assistants leave work at FIVE. Not at 5:02. Mr. Cube Next Door said to me, “You gonna stay here all night?” at 5:02. “Um, I’m just trying to turn off my computer. Do you hibernate or shut off?”

By the end of the day I had an email account, a nice lunch outside, a read three versions of the employee manuel. Of course, I’m not a real employee, so most of it (other than the dress code) doesn’t apply to me (yet.) I did meet the VP I will be administrating for and did learn how to use the fucking cool one-cup-at-a-time coffee makers. Man, oh, man. I will have to take some 1/2 and 1/2, cause I can’t do powdered creamers.

I think tomorrow I’ll get more training or at least someone will realize I’m there. I am an odd one–I like to have work to do. Oh well, even if I don’t have work, I will look cute again. Perhaps the Kenneth Cole pumps and the khaki skirt?

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