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Day two of Kosher

I am halfway through my second day of trying to keep kosher. The first day I tried I blew it immediatly with a ham and cheese croissant. This daily start to my morning has now been retired and replaced with the spinach and feta croissant. No more absentmindedly ordered egg rolls (with shrimp and pork) or chorizo sausage concoctions.

I checked and mayo seems to be kosher–or it isn’t dairy so I can have it on a sandwich. Last night I cooked veggies and chicken. I’m trying to be mindful of what I eat, which will probably help me get back on track with weight watchers. Now I am thinking–is this kosher? and How many points in that?

I’m looking forward to Shabbat tomorrow night and will probably forgo New Year’s Eve celebrations. I haven’t totally committed to the synogogues game night, but now in my heart that is where I’ll be. Playing Trivial Pursuit until midnight with 8th graders.

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