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Did I consider?

When I went speed dating, I forgot to consider the mass rejection that comes within 48 hours of the event. Now that I have this ad in a little magazine called Esquire, did I consider this mass rejection that might occur? No. No I did not consider ahead of time that I might be rejected by all 8 million readers.

Here is the problem with my ad.

While it is indeed brutally honest with regards to my faults, it is not brutally honest with regards to my strengths or with regards to what I’m looking for. In fact, I don’t list a single strength or a single thing I’m looking for. Sure, you can read through the jokes and see that I am committed (weight loss) and brave (stand up comedy) and loving (have a cat) but nothing is really out there. Some of the other people in the article did much better jobs of framing all three things.

The other thing I have decided lately, is that I present better in writing than I do in person. I write awesome emails to guys I am interested in and have gone on a date with. I am calm, cool, and not attached to the outcome of the date. In reality, I really want to know the result. Friendsville or Romance? Second date or just hanging out?

So, if I could do it again, what would I say? I’ll work on that today and get back to you. Meanwhile, I’ll get prepared for the mass rejection from the Esquire Article.

P.S. WGN Friday morning at 6:24 AM

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