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Did I know a year ago?

I was asked on a Wednesday, made flight arrangements on Thursday, and moved to London on Tuesday. The weekend was Halloween.

Tonight, one year ago, everything was the same. I was working full time at IES, part time at the Shop, bemoaning my life, and starting to enjoy the first ten pounds I’d lost. Tomorrow afternoon a year ago, everything changed.

Matt and Michael walked out of Mary’s office and looked at me on their way across the room. “Leah, can we talk to you for a minute.” I panicked, as all good junior level staff do when being addressed by the VP, that I was being disruptive and loud. Shit. I try to crack a joke, “Does this have to do with my extensive housing knowledge?” And follow them in.

Three minutes later, I am moving to London. Not really. I had the state of mind to ask for a day to talk to family and friends. But in my mind I was thinking, “I’M MOVING TO LONDON! I’M MOVING TO LONDON! I’M MOVING TO LONDON!”

The next week, after a wonderful weekend saying goodbye to my parents and friends, I boarded a plane and moved for five months, to London.

I can’t believe the year I’ve had. I can’t imagine this year will stack up. My job keeps me tied down to my block pretty seriously. But it is a good tied down, not a thankless one. So there won’t be any major trips, but somehing else must be around the corner.

Other than when I obviously dethrone Tina Fey, but that won’t be until August of 2005 (at least). I should finish one training program before I become the head writer of SNL. Maybe I should start watching it first.

But I spend a lot of time thinking about one year ago today in my history. I went to bed exhausted and planned my Halloween costume. I also called Nate to wish him a Happy Birthday. while I walked to the Jewel. It was a marathon 3 minute conversation, during which he didn’t fall in love with me. Damn.

No clever ending or summation tonight. Just cool, crisp autumn weather that makes me want to wander Chicago and talk to a good friend. Unfortunately, there isn’t anyone left who will go on a 1AM walk around the city with me.

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