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Did I mean it? about Millikin?


If you are reading this, then you might have received an email from me. I was asked by the admissions department to write a couple potential Millikin students and tell them about my MU experience. As you can imagine, I went on and on and on. And since you are a computer savvy bunch, I don’t doubt you checked the blog link at the bottom of my signature.

Yes, I meant it. I cherish my Millikin experience. Being an RA, studying in Argentina, changing my major, moving in and out of the res halls, and even going to freshman orientation. I loved it. I try to return to homecoming, I keep a few college friends close at hand, I donate money when I can afford it, and I try to go to alumni events.

I had a great time in college. Was it hard sometimes? yes. Was I always happy? no. Was help always available during those times? Yes. And I think that is what makes Millikin differenct. That is why you go to small liberal arts instead of a land grant state institution.

So go and visit Millikin. Take one of your junior or senior visit days and go. I think it is worth the time. If it isn’t the college for you, you’ll know that too. It isn’t for everyone–but those of us who went (and stayed) had a great time doing it.

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