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Did you give them my journal?

Okay, I didn’t stay away from Shaking Her Assets. The entire time I was reading it I kept wondering, “Did Ronnie give these women my journal?”

My friend Ronnie went to college with the two authors, Robin and Renee, and got their book at reunion. He wrote me yesterday morning to say that I might like it. Since I’m unemployed (although technically not until Sunday), I got the book yesterday around three. I tried not to read it, I tried to read my stuff for class, I tried to clean house. Nope, the book kept calling me back.

Even with a trip to class in the middle, I still finished the book before 1AM. I honestly felt like I was reading a novel in which I was the protagonist. Maybe it is the universal 20-something experience of the single girl in the city, maybe it is synchronicities.

There is the sub-plot of the male best friend who suddenly gets engaged. The sister with a family. The job hopping, career hopping. The close male friend who becomes… Wait, that hasn’t happened.

Way to go ladies, this was a great, fun read. You should grab it or grab it from me. It is a fast read and will keep your nose in the book for an evening.

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