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Dinner with the man who will be sleeping in my bed.

Whoa! I mean, whoa! What a salacious post title. “Dinner with the man who will be sleeping in my bed! Leah, what the hell are you saying?”

Clearly, I’m simply saying that I had dinner with my friend who will be housesitting for me while I’m out of the country. I can’t make him sleep on the couch, can I? No, he’ll be in my bed while I’m in beds all over Israel. Tonight he came by and I showed him how to pop popcorn, turn on the ice maker, use the internet and where the cat food is. Yes, that big rubbermaid next to the cat food bowl is where the cat food is. And then we went to Moody’s for dinner, cause why not?

I had a great weekend, following a great but hectic week. My sister came up and we ate at Moody’s (seeing a pattern here?), got luxury mani/pedis, then went to a party of all the people she was friends with at law school. I have to say that the UIUC Law School breeds very nice lawyers. All of them were very friendly and all of them agreed it was obvious that we are twins.

This afternoon I finally agreed with myself to make more firm plans in Israel. I actually booked a hostel for three nights in Tel Aviv. So if you are in Tel Aviv on Thursday, Friday or Saturday, you should email me and we’ll get a drink or lay on the beach. Did I mention my hostel will be a block away from the Mediterranean? Yeah, there is more to Israel than CNN would like us to believe.

I also bought a silly hat today, because Dubi is concerned that I’ll burn all my skin off without a wide brimmed hat. So I’ll at least have the hat with me, we’ll see if my ego lets me actually wear it. We are now in the single digits. I’ll be in Israel in 4 days. FOUR! On Thursday I’ll be in Tel Aviv, checking into my hostel (a hostel at 30, oy vey) and heading into the city. Hooray!

If you have anything you’d like me to slip into the Kotel while I’m in Jerusalem, leave it for me in the comments. Well, leave it for God, I’ll just be the middle man. And if you are in Israel, let me know. I should know my mobile number tomorrow or Tuesday.

Next Sunday in Jerusalem!

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