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displaced emotions

Funny how you feel one way towards something and funnel it somewhere totally inappropriate. Like at co-workers or family or everyone on your email list. I didn’t realize how edgy I was until Cathy pointed out the half a million times I wrote bullshit in my roommate ad.


For the record, my current roomie has never caused any bullshit or made me worry about bullshit. He has been a fantastic roommate. He is simply allergic to my cat and is taking the end of the lease as a responsible time to leave the apartment.

I guess I didn’t know what to do with a little bit of anger I felt after calling it quits with RnR. I mean, we did the right thing. I noticed and made comment–just like Bill Bolden taught me to do as a Residence Director in Colorado. In return I got an honest response. Hmm. There is a disconnect, guess this won’t work, bummer.

Then, not realizing I was displacing my little bit of anger, I also included him on the mass “FIND ME A ROOMMATE” email. I’m sure it was a little more obvious to him, but I really had no idea.

Mainly I’m hoping people got a good laugh and understand that I’m not so hard to live with…

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