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As both my bat mitzvah and my thirtieth birthday are creeping up me, I’ve been seeking distractions. I’m not really freaking out about either, but somehow I never really imagined 30. Now, now, I don’t mean I never thought I’d reach 30 (I know I’ll get well beyond 80) I just never imagined 30.

And in the moments when I might have imagined 30, did it include a bat mitzvah, Chicago, a condo, a job in PR, a second round of WW, and being single? I don’t know what it included, but I think it was more the picket fence side of life than the heavy gate side that I live on. I do love my life, it is fantastic. I have good relationships with my parents and family, I have a fantastic cadre of friends in Chicago and around the world. I get to write all the time here and on other sites. I have a rather kick ass job at Edelman. I’m working on my third language. My cat finally started scratching his posts and not the couch.

On top of all that, my skin is clearing up. Today my dermatologist was thrilled with the progress my skin has made over the last month. She gave me a scrip for Retin-A Micro and more antibiotics, but only to take as needed, and said she’d see me in a year. She was very happy with the improvement and so am I. I even had my period start with NO BREAKING OUT! How awesome is that?

Anyway, distractions.

I caught Amy just in time yesterday and met up with her at the Field Museum for a nerd day. We went to the Mendel exhibit and through the African exhibit. Um… did anyone else know that genetics came from Mendel’s research? Maybe you did. But did you know that Mendel was a priest and eventually an abbot? He was a devout Catholic AND the father of genetics?

I really feel like our modern education system fails us at times. There is too much segregation of topics. This man was religious, an astronomer, a mathematician, and a biologist. Now you are either a priest OR an astronomer. But you aren’t a generic astronomer, you focus on a teeny tiny bit of science. This man did it all and we reaped the rewards. Same for Maimonades. Physician, rabbi, scientist, multi-lingual.

From the museum, we walked to the South Loop and had lunch (although I’m going to classify it as dinner) at Zapatista. It was hard to order, as I’m trying to keep kosher and do WW. The kosher means seperate meat from dairy and the WW part means I can’t binge on cheese. I wound up with some black bean soup, fried plaintains and tamales. Yum, yum, yum.

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