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Do you know where…

1. Israel is in 9 days. Plans are much less solid than they were a month ago. I’m not sure how that happened, but it’ll all work out. I found out that I’ll be having lunch with a friend in Jerusalem because we can’t find time to have dinner in Chicago. Where we live. Cause we’re ridiculous. Two grown people who can only find time for a meal when they are thousands of miles away from home. Okay.

2. Mesh and Pilcrow were amazing, but left me restless. I think I just need a vacation. See point 1.

3. I have not gotten my shit together to get my condo on the market. I very much want to sell it, but need to paint a closet. This is holding me back. Too much travel to schedule an appointment.

4. I want to be in love.

5. I don’t want to record my weight this week.

6. I opened up a word document last night to work on my novel. I closed it without adding a word. Maybe I’m not going to write a novel.

7. Bullet 4 is so loaded, it needs to just be six words.

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