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Dont do Craigslist during Mercury Retrograde

At 7:45 tonight, I decided I couldn’t wait for the seller of the barstools I want, because the buyer of my bed would be at my apartment within 20 minutes. I hopped into a cab and zoomed up Lake Shore Drive to meet them here. Normally I would have a)given the guy a few more minutes to show up 2) taken public transportation 3) not taken a taxi.

I got here right on time and now it is 9:30PM. My whole night has been rushing around the city, only to be stood up when I get arrive out of breath. I went to volunteer, my kid was a no-show. I raced to Lincoln Park, the seller was a no-show (granted he emailed me and apologized.) I raced home and now it is NINE THIRTY and I have been waiting an hour and a half.

Jesus people, try and have some decency. I was hungry when I got home and thinking about a burger at the Daily. But now it is 9:30 and the Daily’s kitchen closes at 10. So I’ve had some Tostitos and some Queso and a coke. We won’t count my points today, cause they were ridiculous.

Nine thirty, they were supposed to be here at eight. Last night the same thing happened, but I went to dinner and didn’t worry about it. Now I have a pile of lumber on my porch.

At the same time, I know Mercury is in Retrograde. It makes communication difficult.

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