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Draft, delete, draft, delete.

A lot has been going on and nothing has been going on.

The “a lot” has to do with work. The Jericho summit for One Million Voices was canceled after threats of violence… It is very disheartening and a very hard time to be the only team member in Chicago. I really wish I was in Tel Aviv in the trenches on this one instead of in Chicago. Here is the beginning of a statement, you can read the rest on the OneVoice blog .

Twelve days ago a slanderous press release was launched by a fringe group that sparked rumors that OneVoice Palestine exists to negotiate away the rights of refugees and international law. OneVoice’s teams here come together to categorically deny this and expose the fact that some Palestinians have been misled by a sinister campaign of hate, coupled with vicious threats of violence from extremists that have spiraled out of control.

The other work “a lot” has been a twitterific few days of getting together with geeks and celebrities. Yesterday I got to meet Karl Long (swoon) of , a t-shirt blog I read daily. I also met Deborah Schultz who I follow on Twitter. Also at the table was Ze Frank. Now, I have to admit.. I’ve been aware of Ze Frank for sometime, but I (gasp) didn’t watch The Show. He has rather stunning eyes and is very nice, so don’t be intimidated by his stardom. And if you interview him, ask him meaty questions. Word on the street is he likes that.

Last night I went to a local tweet-up and got to see some folks I’ve met before (Bleu and Mark) and meet some more people face to face. It was funny to hear about my work through the eyes of others. Edelman was described as a “social media candy store” and I was asked about always getting to meet a-listers. Huh, I rarely look at it that way and left feeling pretty good about things.

The “not a lot” has been personal life. I finally realized that bursting into tears over nothing on a regular basis might not be good. I asked a friend and she put a mirror of sorts up for me. I realized that I’ve sunk into a pretty bad perspective lately. Focusing on feeling lonely and allowing that to really make my sky gray. When I used to be good at finding the silver lining, lately I’ve only seen the clouds. So I’m trying to start reframing things about my life. Trying to connect with an attitude of gratitude and figure out what is left that I can fix in my heart, soul, brain, etc.

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