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Dream Fridge

A couple weeks ago (yes, weeks) I came home from a long day of teaching at a rock n roll school and found out that my fridge was kaput. Everything had melted and spoiled. The fridge was running hot air. So I cleaned it out, cleaned the coils and let it run overnight to see if it got cold. It got cold for a few hours, but by that evening it was warm again.

It took me nearly two weeks to get a repairman in from Sears, more because I kept forgetting to call and couldn’t schedule it online. Yesterday I spent the day waiting for my appointment. You know the deal – scheduled between 8 and noon, but he didn’t show up until 4PM. When he got here, we turned the power back on – I’d flipped off the breaker to save on electricity – and the damn thing starts working again.

He ran some diagnostics and told me the unexpected. I need a new motherboard for the fridge. A motherboard. As in a new computer brain. For my fridge. And that it would cost $400. I told him I wasn’t prepared to shell out $400, not when I was expecting him to just fill up the coolant. He said that while it is currently working, I shouldn’t trust it to keep working. He wouldn’t take responsibility if I bought food and it spoiled, because he told me to fix it.

After spending the evening and morning browsing,, asking people on Twitter and thinking about how I really use a fridge. I’ve only ever lived in a house with freezer on top, fridge on the bottom. I learned over the last 12 hours that it is more efficient for the freezer to be on the bottom. I’ve learned that a side-by-side can’t fit a pizza box or cookie sheet.

Also, there’s the reality of my life as a single woman that lives solo.

I don’t cook. I need to have cold beverages, cold condiments, and ice. I like to have some yogurt around for a quick snack. But when I do cook, watch out. I’m cooking for a dinner party. I’m filling my house with people for a holiday. I’m baking for a cookie party. Day to day, I need a mini-fridge, but I couldn’t live without a full-size fridge. Also, I have to keep selling the condo in mind and buy something that the next person will want.

So, yes, I was joking when I said I was going to buy a wine fridge and stack a mini-fridge on top and call it a day.

All that said, here is my dream fridge if Whirlpool, GE, LG or someone wants to make it for me.

1. French doors with two freezer drawers on the bottom. White, not stainless steel. Or red, but red seems to be asking for a lot from an appliance company.

2. Independent controls. I want the ability to shut off parts of the fridge as I don’t use them. If I only need the smaller side of the fridge and the drawer with the ice in it cold, let me turn off the other two parts. Possibly the ability to change the top freezer drawer into a fridge drawer for pizza boxes. Seriously, pizza boxes are pretty prevalent in my single life.

3. I don’t want through the door water, but I do want through the door ice. Seems to me like the water part eventually gets gross and I’m too lazy to maintain it, so ice only, please.

4. The crisper and meat drawers are nice, but I also want a 4 bottle wine rack in the top of the fridge. Maybe even somewhere to chill stemware or pint glasses that uses the space well.

5. A guide to efficiently packing the fridge. Maybe that’s a cookbook that needs to be written – one that teaches you a shopping list and waht to keep in your fridge. I guess I won’t put that on the appliance company.

Does this fridge exist? If not, can someone make it for me and deliver it on Monday? If it doesn’t, I’m taking recommendations.

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