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Dreaming of Friendster Boy. Grrr.

This summer, some of you may remember, I had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad experience with Friendster. In the end I got a nasty email from a boy on Friendster who happened to be a customer and I quit using the social networking website.

Although he said he would not patronize the shop anymore, he has returned. Lured by ice cream, I suppose, and all the good things that keep our customers coming back. I have served him a few times with stunted kindness and literally ran into him the other day turning the corner.

Well, last night I had a vivid dream about him. My sister (also on Friendster) asked me to meet her for dinner. When I got there, I sat next to her and then bringing the first course to the table was Friendster Boy. He wasn’t the waiter, though, he was an invited guest. Sitting face to face with him, I was silent. What was I supposed to say. He has ordered me not to speak to him.

The first course was orange soup. Mandarin oranges with other fruits. It was tangy and delicious. I woke up with the taste in my mouth. At the end of the dinner, I asked my sister, “WHAT THE HELL?”

“He asked me to introduce you. He got curious about you and wanted to talk to you.”

Towards the end of the dream, I think we must have had a conversation, but I don’t think anything was resolved. I don’t understand why four months after the fact, he is showing up as a vivid character in my dreams. He isn’t a friend or even a regular. Just a guy I had a cyber-crush on for awhile.

Colin always said that the people in your dreams are just different facets of you. What does that person mean to you? What is there most defining characteristic? It is that part of you that is being addressed.

What does Friendster Boy mean to me? What part of my personality does he represent?

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