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Eeek, I am getting older.

Tonight I did something I have NEVER done in my entire life. I changed tables at a restuarant because I didn’t want to sit next to the loud teenagers.

A group that grew from two to six was at a booth across from me at Le Sabre. They were wearing ironic t-shirts, fielding calls on their cell phones, and laughing. I thought they were altogether too loud and I MOVED TO THE FURTHEST BOOTH AWAY.

Granted, I was studying for my manager’s sanitation license and it is very important I know my Shigella from my Salmonella, but I moved away from a table that was just like me ten years ago. And I didn’t even order coffee, just one coke and a pitcher of water. Why? I’ve been feeling a little dehydrated…

I’m certainly getting older.

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