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Elmo (or, you know, Leah) Got New Shoes

dance supply store at Clark and Berwyn. I had refused for months to return, because the last time I went the sales lady was so rude to me and unhelpful. Today I think I got the owner and she got me quickly outfitted in a pari of DiMichi 1.5 inch heel dancing shoes. Hooray!

So now when I go to tango class on Thursday, I will be (for the first time ever) wearing proper dance shoes. And Di MIchi even makes their shoes in the wrong size–according to them, I’m wearing a TEN! I haven’t worn a ten in over ten years. That in itself is pretty exciting stuff.

In other news, I also gave blood today. This time I didn’t pass out. That gets another Hooray! I told the phlobotomist that I nearly passed out last time, so she put my feet up from the very beginning and I felt great the whole time. I have pretty fast blood, so I was in the refreshment area very quickly this time.

In other, other news, I went into the Akashic Records last night with Ashqi. This time I was given specific guidance to share with my Mom, Dad, and sister. And eventually some for me, too. That my book is on track, that the freelance will be a good thing, that I need to be doing Yoga and to buy a proper pair of dance shoes. Which I did, see above. I’ll start yoga in the next week or two.

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