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Email response time.

Okay, it is no secret that I have a weakness for bartenders. Not for what they serve, but there is something about a bartender that makes me weak in the knees. The power they wield over the fun of your night. Their expertise in drinkmaking. The attitude. The look.

It is all Mr. Sinberg’s fault. He is my original favorite bartender from Durango. Aaron, not Zak, the younger brother who looked and acted older. I fell for him the first time I saw him in his powder blue tuxedo hosting a game of Lunacy.

This winter, on January 27, to be exact, I emailed the Sinbergs of Lady Falconburgh’s in Durango, to see if I could do Lunacy from London. I never heard back from them. Today, FOUR MONTHS LATER, Zak wrote me an email.

I’d like to say, four months is a long time to wait to write somebody back. Granted–the surprise was nice. Oooh, look, email from Lady Falconburghs. Maybe they are moving the bar to CHicago and want me to be the bar back. Maybe… maybe they only check their email on a quarterly basis. I’ll tell you if I hear from them in another four months. Meanwhile, Durango friends should go harrass the Sinbergs for me.

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