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End of a love affair. Q101s new format

Q101, Chicago’s New Alternative, has changed their music format. After last weekend’s experiment, putting the whole music collection on shuffle, they realized something key. Radio listeners prefer variety to Top 40 (even if it is Alternative Top 40) and prefer to hear more than just the single.

So they are doing a new music format and using their whold collection. Bully for them. Great idea.

But what did they sacrifice in order to do this? Morning Shlock Jock Mancow? Nope. Instead of the man I accidentally wake up with every morning, they canceled the show I go to sleep with every night.

Rumor is that they’ve canceled Loveline and ended my ten year on-again, off-again love affair with Dr. Drew. I got the bad new last night and haven’t quite confirmed it, but it seems like it might be true. Loveline may no longer be in the Chicago market.

That means I’ll have to find Art Bell on the dial somewhere or get married. A huge leap, but it might be necessary.

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