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ENFP? What?

First of all, my bat mitzvah invitations are starting to be opened around the city. Guess what? Nobody is complaining about the layout and everyone seems to be giving them the big thumbs up. Next time you need invitations, head over to Invitation Consultants and order from them. I found out that a good friend won’t be able to come to services, so I’m short on G’lila person. I’m confident that I can find someone to dress the torah for me. In fact, I have an email out there right now.

Second of all, Myers Briggs is saying I’m ENFP. But when I self-type, I would say I’m INTP. Definitely the N and definitely the P, but the E/I and T/F… we’ll see. I did have a few a-ha moments about why my job suits me so well. Always new clients and topics to research. Lots of ideas getting thrown out there and other people run with them. Ah…. job satisfaction.

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