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Essential tool for Challah Bakers around the world.

Last weekend we went to Old Orchard Mall in Skokie. The main goal was shower presents picked up at Crate & Barrel. While we were there, I saw a barrel full of Roll’Pats. It claimed to be a stick-free kneading surface.

Given that I try to bake Challah every other week or so, it was tempting. But I walked away. I don’t need to spend $40 on a kneading surface. Then I walked back–so easy to clean, so easy to sanitize. No need for extra flour–which dries out the challah. I walked away again.

Then I snuck back and picked one up and took it to the register. I brought it home. A $40 piece of silicon for kneading $2 dough on. I’ve just finished kneading this shabbat’s challah and I have to say WOW!

What an amazing invention! My counter is already clean, the dough didn’t stick to the mat, there isn’t a ton of extra flour in my challah dough. WOW! The only problem is that when you don’t use extra flour to keep it from sticking to the counter, you don’t have extra flour to keep it from sticking to your hands. Oops.

If baking is something you do regularly, get this invention. You’ll love it! It makes any surface into a counter (even your floor, if you were so desperate.)

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