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Everything gonna be okay

I had an interview with a placement agency this morning. “What am I going to do with you? Why is your resume two pages? I’m only talking to you, because she is such a dear friend.”

I like Kathy, she’s honest. Really fucking honest and that is a nice thing sometimes. She told me what was wrong with my resume and then had me take some tests. “You’ll be over here about 45 minutes. If I’m not here, Judy will take care of you.” I was done in about 30 or so.

I took an excel test, microsoft word test, and a typing test. I thought I was an okay typer, turns out I type 70 words per minute and am highly accurate. Only one mispelling in the test and a rate of 2.4 mistakes/minutes, but a total of only 4 mistakes at the end of five minutes. I got over 90% on both the word and the excel tests–but they asked easy things.

“You’re too smart for this job*, but we’ll find something. You’ll be on your butt, working 9-5. Health benefits, 401K, paid vacation. The whole deal.”

Then she sent me to a computer and made me reformat and retype my resume while she waited. She liked the new one and it put the old one to shame. Huzzah! She said she would have me at an interview on Wednesday. Things are good.

*by that she meant a receptionsist position, not the job I currently have.

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