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Fire! Fire! Firefirefire! and stuff

Last night I capped off a bizarre and uncomfortable day with a trip to see the Chicago Fire play soccer at Soldier Field. It was the unofficial summer outing of my workplace two jobs ago. I still get invited to the unofficial events, so it was nice to catch up with friends, watch some soccer, see the new Soldier Field, and get home way too late on a school night.

The wierdness at work was reality. In order for a temp to be hired, a position has to become available. Sometimes somebody resigned and other times somebody is pinkslipped. I’m trying to come to terms that someone got a pink slip so that I might be hired. It doesn’t feel too good and is hard to be happy at all, I know an offer is around the corner and I need a full-time, perm position and all it entails–health insurance, health insurance, health insurance and some other things.

I remain anxious about Ronnie’s safety–but I know if American’s were involved in the Israel stuff right now it would be all over the news. Since I haven’t seen his family flashed on the TV screen, my brain knows he is safe. My nerves, however, have a mind of their own.

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