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Five days and counting

Well, this is my last shabbat as a heeksa. Next shabbat I’ll be a jew. Hard to believe that it is actually going to happen, that I’ll meet with the beit din, pick my hebrew name, go into mikvah and come out a jew.

I know I’ve been whining about not having anyone to go with me, but this week a friend from shul emailed and offered to go. Then this morning, I mentioned that it was this week and another friend offered to come with me. It is really an honor that people want to come with me. Especially considering that there isn’t much to do or see. I mean, there is the beit din–I don’t know if they will come with me or not. Then the mikva–which is naked time, so they won’t be in there. But maybe they’ll be behind the screen with the rabbis.

So I’m excited and feeling good about converting ON WEDNESDAY. Then there is the matter of a bris on Thursday morning–if I can get out of work, which I’m not sure I can. But the idea of being at a bris within 24 hours of becoming a jew is exciting to me. I’ve said it before–one of the things I love about judaism is how many times a person is welcomed into the community. At a bris or naming, at consecration, bar/bat mitzvah, confirmation, before a wedding, at the birth of their own children.

I’ve also been asked to tell a story at a dinner in December. I’ll have 20 minutes and can tell any story I want. I think I’ll probably use “Little Revolutions” the one woman show I wrote a couple years ago. It is a good story, well written (if I do say so myself.) and meaningful.

Okay–at this point I’m procrastinating. I have housework to do and maybe some bread to bake, but maybe tomorrow I’ll bake the bread.

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