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Following the conversation

Yesterday I got a big lesson in how many places a conversation about one object can happen. The conversation, ahem, was about the Chicago Tribune article I was featured in. (Don’t worry, my ego almost fits into my condo again.)

1. On paper or because of paper. I rarely read paper copies of newspapers, but apparently I’m in the minority. I got phone calls during the day from friends, family and family of friends. When I got to my synagogue last night, I found out that everyone at Emanuel reads the Trib. One woman even brought me her copy, in case I didn’t have one yet. Very nice.

2. On blogs. Okay, so far just two blogs have written about it–me and Hugh. But we both got comments–his about my copy of the Blue Monster and mine were mazel tovs. UPDATE: And Esther at the ROI blog and Steve. Insomnie and Real Lawyers Have Blogs. UPDATE 2: And Liz at SOB! Thanks!

3. On Flickr . I put up a few photos so people without access to the print paper could see it (like Jeremiah and more importantly, his wife.) Two of photos generated lots of comments, favoriting and views.

4. On , there are a few comments on the article.

5. Twitter. I think I got more than these (not trying to slight anyone) but I know I got notes from @randelaw @jackvinson @jrnoded @fitz @1god @cajuntechie @rickmurray

6. And in Facebook. Jeremiah and I posted the link, but so did other people. Some of the posted links got comments, others did not.

I’m sure there are places that I’m not involved that had the conversation too. Amazing how many little pockets of conversation there are about this one article. Okay, people are set to arrive in 30 minutes, so I should be baking and not blogging.

UPDATE: Eric let me know that it went out on the wire and the article is starting to get picked up by other papers in the network. Monterey County Herald.

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