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Forget wading, I jumped in. (Hello there!)

Today I said to myself, “Enough with toe dipping! Toe dipping doesn’t help you meet Jewish men! It is time to jump into the dating pool, miss thing.” So I dusted off an old personal ad, took a good look at it and threw it away. I started mostly from scratch, only keeping a nice line that I wrote for JDate about being an “extroverted introverted writer with a little geek on the side.”

And then I asked for PERFECTION! No, wait, I didn’t. I decided to be reasonable and ask for imperfection, but decent grammar. That’s fair, right? A guy who doesn’t write “im” instead of “I’m” nor ‘ur” instead of “your.” Right? I think that is totally reasonable of me.

Of course, the days leading up to Valentine’s Day are tricky to be doing the online dating thing, but I think we can safely skirt any timing issues and ignore the impending battle of Pink and Red. Besides, Tuesday night I will be rockin’ out at Nerds at Heart. And by rockin’ out, I clearly mean kicking ass at Trivial Pursuit.

In other news, my inner football coach came out of hiding last night as I told off a drunk duuuude at a diner. “Dude, don’t interrupt my 4AM breakfast. Seriously, you’ve been warned.” I don’t know if you remember, but I was a residence director in charge of 150 18-year-old college freshman. Drunk duuuuuudes don’t scare me and when I channel “Coach Jones,” I can hold my own. You can read about it at Amy’s blog. She tells it much better and only exaggerates my badassitude a little.

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