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Friends from ROI120 – Sarah Lefton and Leah Stern

I’ve spent the last two summer in Jerusalem for ROI120 , where I participated in the tech and content track, talked about Itza Mitzva and made some great friends who come and go from my life. I wanted to use a post to show off the work of two of them – Sarah Lefton, producer of G-dcast, and Leah Stern, a journalist/writer/producer/director.

Sarah gave us a sneak peek at G-dcast two years ago and made us promise not to blog the secret location of the first animation. It was so amazing and so hard to sit on my bloggy hand, but I did until she said go. Now G-dcast is a reality, every week she produces a new animated parsha (torah portion) using a different narrator from around the world.

This week was mine – Yitro. I recorded with Alan Jay Sufrin from Stereo Sinai and then we sent the file over to the animators. Such a fun project. If you are looking for someone to produce animated shorts, educational animations or other fun projects –get in touch with Sarah. She’s also a whiz-bang tech PR/comms pro.

Leah Stern made aliyah a few years ago and is starting to look for a gig in the US. She’s a reporter on the english language news in Israel and the first time I met her, she was getting all of her vaccines for an emergency trip to Ethiopa. The woman has no fear and reported from the Gaza border during war. She does her own camera work when she has to, edits when she has to, writes, produces, and is on-air talent. I know that the job market for anchors isn’t there, but if someone has a regular, paying online show they are trying to get off the ground in the US – let me recommend Leah Stern.

Here is her demo reel in case you were wondering.

What I’m saying is… you would be thrilled to work with Sarah Lefton or Leah Stern and you should. If you have the opportunity to do so, interview them for your next project.

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