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From a Pilcrowista – she needs a smart phone!

I got this question from a woman who attended my Digital Life presentation at Pilcrow Lit Fest. She needs advice on a smartphone. Should she get a Blackberry? Should she get an iPhone?

I start a new job in mid July. I will in a busy university setting, where (at least for the first year) I will have meetings, committee work, student projects, and my own work to juggle, etc. So I would like to be able to check email from my phone, access the internet, create electronic to do lists and reminders, jot down notes on my novel… If the phone could have a decent camera that would nice too, but that might be asking too much. The phone has to be dependable as I won’t have a landline. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks so much.

So, kind readers, please give Amy some advice, please.

(I’ll start by saying I love the Curve and had a love affair with the Pearl.)

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