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Get Started Meetings for 3-Day (aka Im an Online Ambassador)

Right after I signed up and blogged about doing the Komen 3-Day again, I was contacted by one of their social media strategists and asked to be an Online Ambassador for the event. How cool is that?

They will send me topics to cover on my blog as we go through the next 21 weeks of training and fund raising. I agreed to blog about it, because this event is one that I care about and I was honored to be asked to have a more official role. Rad!

Um… I never attended one. Mainly because we started so late in the game last year with only 9 weeks to train. But thinking about the long list of questions we all had for our team captain, I totally see why a walker would benefit from going to one.

There are in-person meetings, over the phone meetings and meetings for team captains. If you are looking for a Get Started Meeting in your area, head over to this page and search away.

Still looking for a Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3-day team to join in Chicago? Why not join my team – The Titterati!

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