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Get the door, its Dominos! No, its @leahjones!

Did you know that eating pizza can reduce the risk of breast cancer?

Okay, maybe not, but for two hours tomorrow night, ordering pizza from Domino’s in Chicago will help Team Titterati raise funds for the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer 3-Day. Why Domino’s? Because @DPZRamon, a local franchise owner and Twitter star, is opening his stores to us.

I’ll be at the store at 3103 N Clark from 7PM to 9PM. Ramon is donating $5 per pizza that gets ordered while I’m slinging dough. If you order for pick-up, I’ll be the one giving you the pizza and I might be the one counting out olives and pepperoni to put on top of it.

Order some pizza for pick-up or delivery (DELIVERY ZONE: Addison on the NORTH, Fullerton to the SOUTH, The Lake to Ashland WEST) by calling 773-528-3030. Please tell people in Chicago that Tuesday, August 4, is the night to order pizza from Domino’s and to save boobs!

At 9PM, the rest of Team Titterati will be joining for the presentation of a VERY LARGE CHECK (much like the one Pilcrow presented to NOLA Libraries).

We’re also excited to announce that Kelly Olexa, part of the Ford Fiesta movement, will be picking us up from Closing Ceremonies in her Fiesta.

And I told you that our friends at Charity’s Candles and Crafts were able to make a generous donation? Oh! And that every $5 you donate online enters you in a chance to win a set of three original Gapingvoid cards?

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