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Getting Personal

Getting Personal

Chris Manby

— Book


I picked this up at the Waldenbooks before getting on the westbound METRA to Geneva. Why? It was about friends (in London) writing personals for each other and seeing if they could create the perfect romance. The writing wasn’t that good, but the story has promise (especially if the rights are sold for a movie.) Also, it is part of Red Ink Press–which are chick books, a la Bridget Jones.

Worth borrowing from me, but not worth buying. It does describe the obessiveness of MIssed Connections (Once Seen) quite well, also trying to talk to strangers on the Tube (or El.) However, using adoption as a reason to explain one woman’s inability to commit–lots of women raised by their birth parents have the same problem.

I read it in three sittings, so a nice summer read.

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