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getting ready…

Last night I was on RA duty for the first time in ages and surprise, surprise, nothing has changed. I did my rounds, delivered mail, then watched TV and waited for a disaster that never happened. Ah, disaster free nights in the res hall–how nice.

Today I am having lunch with my pen pal–how exciting, huh? Eight years of writing each other and now we are finally meeting–how cool is that? Very. Then tonight I am packing for Italy! I am getting really excited, although I don’t know how I am getting from Rome to Assisi–there are buses and trains, but I hope I get there (Rome) in time to get the one train headed to Assisi. I’ve been trying to book a hotel or hostel in Assisi–lots of options for hotels, only one hostel. In Rome there are tons of hostels including the Pink Floyd and another that promises a party every night. I’m sure I would feel really old, really quickly if I stayed at the “party every night” hostel. Maybe I will anyway 😉

I am trying to see as much of Europe as quickly as I can, since my return flight is February 4th. But other than this weekend, it will be nearly a month before I can travel again. Everyone in the res hall goes on Holiday and I will stay to cover the holidays–RA Duty on New Year’s Eve–Hip Hip Sigh. I am going to go to Belfast in January, I hope, to see Hayden. Other than that, maybe Paris or Barcelona or Amsterdam. Who knows. If you have a suggestion, leave me a message.

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