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Girls Night.

Tonight was our first official Girl’s Night. (Second, really, but only Cathy and I went to the last one.) Five girls from my rival college and me. The goal is having stronger friendships with other women, enjoying dinner, dessert, and some drinks.

It was a little wierd being at a dinner with a group I am a part of, but the only post-college addition. So the conversation about who in college did you want to date, but weren’t able to… well who at the table knew any of my Millikin crushes? I stayed silent. But when it was time to review Friendster, I leapt into the conversation. And when it was time to review my date with a boy from their social circle, that was good too.

But it was a lot of fun–from the first taste of guacamole to trying to get the congealed five pounds of spanish rice out of the pot. I, of course, brought ice cream. Five flavors which we passed around and around the table until it was over. We also toasted to Girl’s Night and decided it will be a monthly addition to our lives.

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