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Glitch Resolved

I have a good mortgage guy. I really think he’s the best and if anyone wants a referral, just let me know. We probably talked on the phone five times yesterday. By the end of the day I’d been approved and was back in underwriting, this time with a new lender.

Thankfully I’ve got my very high FICO score on my side. I just couldn’t stress about it. I’m taking more out of my retirement than I wanted to, but it has to be that way to have liquid assets and emergency money. The new lender wants to see 2 months of mortgage payments in the bank and this is the only way to make it happen.

Moral of the story: I’m not sure what the moral is. There is some money stuff, but there has also been some god stuff in there for me. No back-up plan has been the plan. Not freaking out when it is out of my control. Hire good people and good things will happen.

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