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Good first class.

Once again during the round the room of improv folks, I was the only person truly in Level 2 of improv. People with years of experience, on teams here, conservatory there, New York, San Fran… And me. “My improv experience is Level 1 with Josh. So, um, this is just level 2.”


While I thought that Josh was a great Level One teacher when I was in Level One, I think he is even better now that I am in Level Two. In the class there are three people (including myself) from my level one class, six from the other level one class, and the other 5 people from random places around the city.

We three, from Josh’s class, tried to start each scene as a different character, with different movements, different voices. We each tried very hard to not play ourselves. I thought it was noticable, maybe because I know us, but it is what was expected from us in class every time. If we went out as ourselves, I thought we got called on it.

I felt much stronger than I did in Level 1. Not sure why, but I pushed one guy off his feet. I didn’t expect him to fall, but he did. Oops. It was funny though, cause he is a good head taller than me.

Anyway, I felt good about it when I left. Excited to be studying this for round two.

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