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Good news.

Our meeting went longer than normal, but as far as budget meeting goes it wasn’t too bad. I didn’t chime in with any of my peace keeping charm, but I didn’t explode either, so I felt like I won a battle with my temper.

The good news is that while I was walking to the bus tonight, battling PMS and the impending meeting, I was saying, “Ho. Ho. HAHAHA.” Over and over in my head, trying to force a better mood onto myself. Then all of the sudden I heard a voice. I assumed the State Street Old Navy Preacher had moved onto the heathens on Michigan Ave. Then I thought maybe someone got the blind keyboard player (who no longer uses a keyboard) a microphone.

“I’ll have a bluuuuuuuuuuuuue christmas, without you.”

IT WAS A FIREMAN! In a firetruck! Using the loudspeaker! He was doing a spot on imitation of Elvis and singing as the Firetruck went south on Michigan Ave. In addition to the odd piece of art I saw yesterday and rumors of the worlds largest rubber band ball, I have to say that things were pretty good.

Hooray for firemen! (Even if sometimes they drive Jettas and go off to Vegas with coworkers that they come back dating. What? Bitter much Leah?)

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