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Goodbye Saturn in Cancer, Hello Saturn in Leo!

Yesterday was Saturn’s last day in Cancer. I’m not sure when I got so into Astrology–a few months ago, because Cara and I were both still working at the shop. I started reading AtrologyZone every month and for years I’ve read Rob Brezny’s Free Will Astrology every Wednesday.

While the best nights for dates never seem to pan out, some of the major planetary movements do seem to have some effect. Yesterday was Saturn’s last day in Cancer. Everybody celebrate–or at least all Aires celebrate. I keep telling people about it.

A lot of things are supposed to lift, because Saturn has made the last couple years rough. Home and Family Life in particular. It must be happening, because this morning instead of my having to call the shop for my weekly–can I get my check today? I got a phone call. Saying it would be there for me this afternoon. Hooray. And Monday I might be able to look fowards to an offer at the temp job. Which would be great, because I can’t handle too many more paychecks that aren’t even $400.

I have a headache this morning–again, I think it is the pillow or being dehydrated. So I’m going to head up and get a cup of coffee and try to decide if I can go to temple this morning.

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