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Great Customer Service

I now expect the great customer service I give. That is why I love Vive La Femme and why I kind of never want to be totally out of plus size clothing. Today I went, with my advisory council (Cathy), in search for the perfect dress to wear to my best friend’s wedding. The dress has to say a lot and I was sure I would find something perfect there.

I told Nancy (or Natalie, definitely started with an N) my size, the occasion, the location, and the needs and showed her the shoes. She brought me loads of clothes and I tried on everything. It wasn’t until the last outfit, a salmon two piece, that I fell in love with anything.

Vive La Femme makes women feel great about their bodies and makes them look great. I know a few women who have walked out feeling super sexy… how about all women who shop there, me included. Not only did I walk out with my salmon dress, but with a Marilyn Monroe inspired red shirt and a sexy beaded little number.

Time to find some more events to go and look sexy at. Cosmopolitans anyone?

P.S. While I didn’t buy anything, the customer service at G Boutique is wonderful too. It is an upscale lingerie store with sex toys mixed in. It feels elegant and shopper friendly–like a boudior. All about beauty and not about sleaze. We went in, because we’d both seen it a million times and wondered what it was. Anyway, the women are super nice and so is the store dog. I want the tank top that says “Shixta Goddess” but first I would probably have to find a jewish boyfriend. details, details.

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