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Green with Envy (and a little sad)

I’m officially incredibly envious of all my blogging friends accompanying families on a Nefesh B’Nefesh flight. This brings up all sorts of “not a good enough Jew” feelings for me, when it really just means “not a blogger with a big enough audience.”

I hope that’s what it means.

I hope it just means I’m not considered an influencer in the Jewish blogging space. I can’t believe there is going to be a Jewish blogging conference and I can’t go. That Robert and Karen will be there and I won’t get to meet them.

I’m going to try and adjust my attitude and consider participating via the web.

I’ll admit, when it was just Esther going, I was cool with it. Of course NBN would have Esther travel on a flight and record the happenings. But when I realized it was a lot of people, none of them me, I got sad and envious. So I’m just gonna feel that for a bit and then get over it.

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