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Guess what I made!

Tonight I baked.

For the first time in this apartment (and since I moved to chicago? Is that possible, that I haven’t baked at sea level?) I baked a cake. Let’s be fair. I’m baking a cake. Sorry Dad, hate to tell you, I’m baking a SNICKER’S CAKE!!!

The Snickers Cake is famous in my immediate family. My mom makes it once a year, or used to, she may not make it all anymore. It is so rich and dreamy, that you can only have it once a year. Holy cow.

German chocolate cake with a layer of Caramel, Peanuts, and Chocolate in the middle.

No icing, none needed. mmmm. I am making a sample for the shop. At dinner the other night, John and Andy (owner’s of Sweet Occasions) were quizzing me on my favorite sweets from growing up. Since we already carry ice cream, the next thing to talk about was Snicker’s Cake.

So I’m baking one for us to try. Maybe we’ll put it on the menu. Yum.

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