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Guest Blog: My rant/How to break up with someone

Below please find a Guest Blog written by my good friend Cathy. She needs to get her own blog and write her own book, but until then, I’ll share her funny emails here.

I think my problem is that I expect others to behave like I would in their place. This is clearly idoiotic and unreasonable. Nonetheless, here is my advice about breaking off a shorter-term dating experience.

If after 1-5 dates you are not interested in continuing to see someone, you can say to them: “You’re great, but I’m not interested in dating you,” or “We are an okay match, but I’m looking for a great match, ” or “We’re just not a match.”

There are ways to let a person know you’re not interested without being a total jerk and without wussing out and pretending to disappear from the face of the earth. Just say it in a straight-forward, non-offensive way.

Note: if the dumpee asks if s/he did something to precipitate the end of the dating cycle, say “no.” Otherwise, s/he might think s/he can do something to “change,” thus giving you no reason to break it off. Stick to your guns and claim it’s just not right. This will do the trick.

And one more thing… If someone asks you out initially, and you’re not interested, try “I’m flattered, but I’m not interested. Thanks.”

Why can’t people be like I want them to be?

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