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Haircut and mentoring.

Wednesday was a very slow day. I only had two things I had to do–get my haircut (against the advice of Maureen) and see Jessica (my mentee.) So I spent the morning putzing around the apartment and then got on the Damen bus kind of early. I went down to Wicker park, bought a gift bag for Jessica’s Teddy Bear and then went to Filter to wait until it was 2:30 and time for my appointment with Ernie.

At Filter I watched the team from Metromix TV tape and retape segments on unique date locations in Chicago. “Three, two, one.. Today we’re at Filter, a cafe and coffee house… I said it again, coffee shop, coffee shop, coffee shop… Three, two, one… today we’re at Filter.”

Then I hopped up to Trilogy to see Ernie, my bald hairstylist. Ernie is a little rough for a stylist, which maybe why he always has appointments available. However–he is the most understanding stylist I’ve ever had. He makes you play with your hair and really look at it unstyled to see if you want more taken off. I always have him cut a little more off the back (since I come only every three to six months he tends to forget me.) Anyway, he’s fantastic and good to chat with as well. For him–I pretended that I love London and that it is terribly different from Chicago.

Then I wander down to Jessica’s house and pick her and her cousin up for dinner. We went to Leo’s–one of my favorite brunch locations in Chicago. We got sandwhiches. The girls got the Openface Turkey and were shocked when it came to the table without two peices of bread. They thought it was just the name and didn’t realize what it meant for the state of their sandwhiches. We went through my photos of London and Italy. Beleive it or not, it is the bathroom photo from Assisi that get’s the most comments. “Really! That’s your shower? What’s a bidet?”

That night I was supposed to hang with work friends, but it fell through, so I got comfortable on the couch and watched TV. Ah, four channels and rabbit ears. No sky cable here.

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