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Happy Blogiversary to me!

Do you know what came and went last week without a comment or post? Wait, it wasn’t 5 days ago, it is today! My fourth anniversary of blogging. Four years, folks, that I’ve been writing here at blog-city. While other people migrate from platform to platform, I have to say I’m quite happy still being at Blog City.

Four years ago I was in London, managing an international student residence hall and decidedly not having the time of my life. Looking back, I can still say, “I wouldn’t want to live in London,” the memories have certainly softened and aren’t painful. It just wasn’t the right job, but it was a great experience and got me where I am today.

I was thinking of the last few years as a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book.

Leah, would you like to move to London to manage the student residence hall? Yes or No.

Leah, do you want to stay in London on a permanent basis? Yes or No.

Leah, do you want to manage the Ice Cream Parlor full-time? Yes or No.

Leah, do you want to buy a book on Judaism so you’ll have a better idea what he means when he talks about all that Jewish stuff? Yes or No

Leah, let me know when you are ready to buy a condo, I have a great real estate agent for you. Now or Later.

Leah, do you want to do something about your finances, if you do, you’ll need to quit your job at the ice cream parlor and find something different? Yes or No.

Leah, we don’t know what to do with you. Your resume is a little… all over the place. Are you willing to consider temping at… hmmm… Edelman Public Relations? Yes or No.

Leah, you’re great and we want to hire you. Do you want a job as an administrative assistant or a PR career starting an intern? Admin or Intern.

Do you forsake all other religions and cleave yourself to the Jewish people? Yes or No

Can anyone help with this blog database project? Yes or No

We’re forming a new group, do you want to be considered? Yes or No

I haven’t the foggiest clue what my life would be like if I had picked the opposite answer in any of those. But it doesn’t really matter, that alternate life I could have lead. What matters are the times I said Yes (or No) and picked each fork. Some less traveled, some quite trampled. But it seems to have worked out nicely.

UPDATE: Thanks Ry! I’ll share my anniversary with you and all the bloggers.

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