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Happy (Secular) New Year!

Okay, so it is really New Year’s Eve. It is 5:30 and I need to be on the train in 1:15 minutes and haven’t even turned on the shower yet. I’m letting my candles burn for their required 18 minutes first. I don’t quite trust my cat enough to let the menorah burn down while I’m in the shower.

I’m also drinking some EmergenC and listening to Crazy Dance Mix#1 that Ryan mixed for me years ago–maybe 8 years ago. I definitely had this CD when I was in Argentina in 1998. So I’m listening to Ton Loc’s WIld Thing to get ready for a night out.

What am I wearing? Leave it to the ladies at Vive La Femme to take care of me. I got there a little after 4PM today. They asked, do you need help? “Well, turns out it’s New Year’s Eve and I don’t have anything to wear.” They got me sorted in record time–as always I spent TOO much money on just two items, but they are lovely items. A lavender sweater for work and a purple shiney thing for tonight. Then Ashqi and I ran to Target to grab a purse and some hose and now I’m sitting here, not in the shower, not getting ready.

We are headed to Bistro Margot and then to a Yuppie Lawyer Party and then maybe the Hopleaf. We being me, Cathy, Lucy, and Steve. Lucky Steve, three dates tonight and he’s even marrying one of us. Spidey is rolling in some catnip and my 18 minutes are up.

Happy Hanukkah! Happy New Year!

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