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Hatching a plan.

I treated myself to thai tonight. Like sat in the restaurant and everything sort of treated. And while I was there, I hatched a plan. I wrote at the top of the page *The Plan and that is how you know I’m serious. It involves a lot of time in Israel and lots of tiny hearts.

I’m not totally sure where the hearts came from, but after I wrote my plan down, I started to doodle. And it was just hearts, hearts, hearts. And a map of the world featuring two or three countries. US, Israel and maybe a little bit of UK tossed in for good measure. Just in case, you know?

Tonight I have a few things to get started on before bed. One is an

article that is due at midnight for Shebrew. “Oh that I forget thee Shebrew.” The other is animation.

I don’t know anything about animation or video, but a month ago I’d never edited sound either. I have a project for work and I want to try doing it on my own. So I did a draft of the images I want to photograph and it will really just be a slideshow sort of animation, not a real animation. Or maybe it will. I have 6 days to finish it and 500 words to use.

Wish me luck.

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