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Hebrew Lessons

This morning I went to the Speedy Wash and taught myself a few more hebrew letters while my clothes were in the spin cycle. I now know two words. “Shabbat” and “Shalom.” I also know a lot of nonsense words used for the soul purpose of learning to read from right to left and recognize these scribbles as the language of my new people.

I’m anxious to learn more than two words, because being the person who can only say the first four words of any given prayer is no fun. “Baruch atah Adonai eloheynu chef boyardee butterfly Amen.” I just keep my lips moving to any multisyllabic word I can find.

My rabbi actually called while I was learning L and M. We’ve rescheduled due to a death. While he may not be discouraging me the orthodox way, it seems to be happening on its own. Fine with me, I’ll just keep reading and going to temple and baking my challah.

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