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Hebrew Paintings–Have a great hebrew word for me?

Once upon a time, about two months ago, I ate dinner at a thai restaurant in Evanston with a series of paintings on the wall. (Also a shitload of bobble head dolls, pez dispensers, and a large statue of Elvis.) The canvases were various small sizes and each had one Thai letter on them. It filled a wall and the affect was amazing.

So I stole their idea and did it with hebrew. These are a few photos of low quality (because I haven’t figured out my wonderful digital camera that I’ve had since december) of my canvases. One is a close up of the letter Yod. The other two are all the letters in different arrangements. One says “Israel” on the top and has nonsense on the second row. The other is a word that Ronnie found for me using the letters I told him I had (I told him dalit instead of resh, so now it is spelled wrong.) and that word is crossword puzzle style with my name and then some nonsense.

Can anyone find some good hebrew words using these letters? I haven’t put them on the wall yet–cause I want it to be cool.

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