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Hello JUF & YLD folks!

Months and months and months ago, I agreed to teach a lunch & learn for the professional staff at the JUF here in Chicago. Once August rolled around, I found out that it was the same day as the Edelman summer meeting and outing. So I stayed until 11:30, slipped out the back door and MISSED colleague Phil Gomes getting a service award. Drats! I wish I’d been there to stand up and whoop!

I don’t regret teaching the class. It was great to meet so many folks from across the JUF professional staff. We went on and off script to talk about Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, event planning, network building, strategy and tactics. (Disclosure: JUF is one of the main organizations that I support with donations every year and also organized the trip to Israel I went on in March 2006.)

Then last night I went to the WYLD event that my friend Daliah co-chaired. Gotta tell you that it was the best JUF event I’ve attended. I think there were 10 bars set up around the Notebaert Museum, nice music, plenty of space to move. Of course, I always lament the lack of name tags.

Anywho… thanks to the JUF for inviting me to meet the staff, it was a great session and I hope you thought it was useful. Leave a comment if you were there!

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