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Hes Just Not That Into You : The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys

He’s Just Not That Into You : The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys

Date: 01 September, 2004 — $11.97 — Book


I can’t believe I read this book in ONE DAY! I ate it up, every last sentence. Okay, that’s a lie. By the last chapter, I got it. “He’s just not that into you.” In the course of reading the book, I got over a few guys from my recent past that were still on hangers in my closet of crushes. I have passed these boys onto Goodwill and am ready for one great outfit. The reality is, of course, a lot of time in a fitting room.

Enough analogies. I avoided reading this book, cause the part of me that read this book is the same part that reads Cosmo, gets my nails done, and cries during Hallmark commercials. I loathe that part of me. However, that part of me is strong and why not embrace it? Especially when it is 30% off at Borders?

It was just as funny as Rachel promised. And, the truth is, one of the more honest and empowering dating books out there. Two big things–admit that he’s just not that into you and move on WITHOUT A FINAL PHONE CALL OR EMAIL OR ATTEMPT TO MAKE CONTACT (Got that Leah. Put down the speed dial.) and that you are worth being asked out on a proper date.

Not that hard to understand. But, borrow it from me or another girlfriend. Don’t buy another copy. Go and buy me a subscription to Cosmo, okay?

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