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Hey, theres a lake in Chicago.

In the three years I’ve lived in Chicago, I’ve been to the lake… four, maybe five times.

  1. Once for a BBQ with IES staffers and summer students from Spain.

  2. Original Chicago Roommate (Matt) took me on his employer’s summer employee trip around the lake.

  3. Once on John & Andy’s boat two summers ago.

  4. Once on the Water Taxi with my best friend, Ryan.

  5. A couple trips to Navy Pier.

But that’s it. I don’t think to go to the beach. It doesn’t cross my mind. Or, it didn’t cross my mind until I moved a block away from the beach. This weekend I went to get coffee and then walked on the beach. Tonight I took my current read and sat on a rock, reading, listening to the waves, and watching the dog walkers.

Man, oh, man. Chicago has a lake and I live by it.

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